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DPF Cleaning for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Eminox FBC Silicon Carbide filterNew vehicles are being manufactured to increasingly strict emission standards. In recent years trucks and buses in the US have been built to meet EPA07 regulations and these requirements have been extended with the introduction of EPA10 regulations. This has seen widespread adoption of DPFs throughout the US. Similarly in Europe when Euro VI is introduced in 2014, it is likely that all heavy duty vehicles will use diesel particulate filters to meet these demanding emission limits.

DPF technology has also been introduced to meet the emission requirements for non road mobile machinery from 2011. To maintain filter performance to meet all of these demanding emission standards, filters must be periodically cleaned.

Ceramex® can provide DPF cleaning services backed by the experience of thousands of cleans over more than 15 years. Ceramex® filter cleaning technology provides a rapid efficient service combined with a detailed visual record of the condition of each filter. In addition Xpurge® filter cleaning and Veritex® filter inspection technologies are available for vehicle manufacturers to use within parts remanufacturing centres.

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