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Which vehicles require DPFs?

DPF’s have been used in cars, trucks, buses and non-road machinery for several years.  The earliest DPFs appeared in cars as long ago as 2001 and most new diesel cars are now fitted with a DPF. Since 2007, all new trucks in the USA have been fitted with DPFs.  This will also happen in Europe with the introduction of the Euro VI emissions regulations in 2014.

Why do DPFs require cleaning?

Particulate Matter (soot and ash) steadily builds up in the DPF during use.  The soot is usually removed automatically (by a process known as regeneration) but the ash accumulates in the filter and needs to be removed periodically by cleaning the DPF to prevent blockages.

How frequently should DPFs be cleaned?

The frequency of DPF cleaning varies enormously with the typical duties performed by a vehicle. The vehicle manufacturer will provide guidance on the recommended cleaning frequency and these can vary between approximately 1-2 years, depending on the usage of the vehicle. However, DPFs fitted to vehicles that make frequent short trips at low speeds can often become clogged within 6 months of cleaning.

Many vehicles are fitted with a warning light that informs the driver when the DPF needs cleaning, based on an increase in the exhaust back pressure detected by the engine.

How long will a DPF last?

Under normal operating conditions, a DPF should last as long as a vehicle, although it will require servicing at regular intervals (depending on the duty-cycle of the vehicle).

How does the Ceramex® DPF cleaning technology work?

Our patented Xpurge® DPF cleaning process uses an innovative combination of water and air in order to remove any accumulated soot and ash deposits from the filter.  Ceramex has also developed proprietary technologies for drying the DPFs after cleaning.  We are then able to inspect the condition of each individual DPF using our patented Veritex® DPF inspection technology and other techniques

What is the cost of cleaning a DPF?

The cleaning cost varies according to the number of filters that are cleaned under any individual contract. Further details are available from

Is the technology available for licensing?

Ceramex® runs several DPF cleaning centres in Europe and are also interested in licensing the Xpurge® and Veritex® technologies, particularly to vehicle manufacturers (to be used in their parts remanufacturing centres) and to operators of large fleets of buses and trucks. If you are interested in licensing opportunities, please contact

How do I know I will get my own filter back?

Your filter is uniquely barcoded allowing  it to be tracked throughout the entire process right through to dispatch.

Which type of filters do you clean?

Ceramex can clean virtually all of the different types of DPFs used in cars and vans as well as buses, trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles and engines.