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Advertising Standards Agency bans ad to remove pollution filters from diesel cars
14 Dec 2016

The rogue practice of removing vital pollution filters from the exhausts of diesel vehicles has suffered a blow with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for the first time banning an advert for the service.


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Ceramex to Exhibit at the forth coming SAE Heavy - Duty Diesel Emissions Control Symposium in September
21 Jul 2016

The SAE International Symposium Will Explore the latest Trends and Strategies in Heavy - Duty Diesel Emissions Control Technologies.

Visit us at stand 10 September 20 -21, Hotel 11, Gothenburg, Sweden 


Ceramex is the only service I have positive feedback about - Honest John 15 July 2016
18 Jul 2016

If you Google <DPF Cleaning> you'll find alternatives and 'DIY cures' that may or may not work at this late stage, but Ceramex is the only service I have positive feedback about.

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More than 1,000 diesel cars caught without pollution filter, figures show
18 Apr 2016


Government urged to crack down on rogue practice of garages removing compulsory diesel particulate filters from vehicles.

The Guardian 

Ceramex to exhibit at the Equip Auto Show in Paris - October 2015
5 Oct 2015

Ceramex to Exhibit at the Equip Auto Show in Paris.

Equip Auto

October 13-17 stand 6B 099 




AdBlue requirement of new EU6 diesels
5 Aug 2015

AdBlue requirement of new EU6 diesels may cause issues for unprepared fleets and drivers

From 1 September 2015, all new cars, plus light commercial vehicles under 1305kg (unladen), sold in the EU must be compliant with EU6 standards for exhaust emissions. Unlike previous diesels, many EU6 compliant engines require an exhaust additive called AdBlue, which neutralises most of the harmful NOx emissions.

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How cleaning DPFs can save the customer hundreds of pounds and win vital business for the garage
4 Jun 2015

Martin Gray CEO of Euro Car Parts explains why the low cost DPF cleaning service is likely to make the difference between the car being repaired or not? To read the full article click on the CAT logo. 

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RouteOne Magazine - DPF Cleaning : Keep it clean and healthy
8 May 2015

Diesel particulate filters are already a significant part of the coach and bus industry and will be even more relevant in coming years. Keeping them clean is a must – if not, fuel consumption increases by up to 7%. Tim Deakin from Route One visits Slough to find out more.

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