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Veritex® DPF Inspection Technology

DPF inspected in Veritex machine

DPFs are highly-engineered, complex and expensive components.  As part of a professional cleaning and refurbishment program, it is vital to examine the condition of the DPF after cleaning.  In Ceramex, we use a range of inspection technologies to ensure that the clean DPF will perform as well as a new part and we provide a detailed condition report with each clean DPF.

Veritex Inspection

Our most comprehensive test method is the Veritex® inspection system.  This is a patented process that uses transmitted light to investigate the internal condition of the filter after cleaning.  The Veritex system is able to identify any remaining blockages in the filter as well as holes, cracks and other forms of damage.


We also have an extensive suite of DPF airflow testing equipment.  This enables us to demonstrate that the exhaust flow characteristics of the DPF have been restored to the level of a new part.

Further Testing Equipment

In addition to the Veritex and airflow systems, Ceramex has a range of sophisticated testing equipment that can be used to examine other features of the DPF after cleaning (depending on the requirements of the customer).  This include particle trapping tests, catalyst efficiency tests, chemical analysis equipment, microscopic devices that can examine individual DPF channels and even full-scale engine test rigs.

Clean filter as inspected by Veritex                Blocked filter as inspected by Veritex

                    Clean filter inspected by Veritex                                                    Failed filter inspected by Veritex

Ceramex cleaning and inspection systems are managed using a proprietary software system developed specifically for filter cleaning operations. This can provide valuable information to operators about engine performance, maintenance standards and the intervals between DPF cleaning for particular vehicles.